Welcome to our website


We are a group formed in February 2012, dedicated to making our villages safer for pedestrians, cyclists, horses, children, the elderly and everyone.

More specifically we want more bridleways, including safe connections from the village centre, and slower traffic.

We are also on facebook. See Charlesworth SPEED and               SPEED Bridleways.



 As of November 2017 the Group owns the following books:-
  • Rights of Way - Restoring the record, by Bucks and Wadey (of the BHS).
  • Rights of Way: A guide to law and practice, by Riddall and Trevelyan. ("The Blue Book")
  • Creating Multi-user Public Rights of Way, by Rachel Thompson of The Trails Trust.  This .pdf can be downloaded online or it can be found on the Other Documents page of this website.
  •  May 2016.  Go to Facebook to see the Charlesworth and Chisworth Villages' Toolkit. Broadly it describes the main traffic problem areas and proposes potential solutions. This document has the support of Chisworth Parish Council.
  • The document is called Charlesworth-Chisworth 16-12-15.pdf and is on the Charlesworth and Chisworth Villages page.
  •  A summary of SPEED's achievements to date can be seen by clicking here.
  •  As of August 2013 SPEED is now a registered charity. Our charity reference number is EWO1544.
  • Copies of our news bulletins can now be read online. They can be found on a new sub-page under the 'Other documents' page.
  •  Read here how two riders enjoyed a four day ride of the new Kinder Loop.
  • Click on the Calendar page to see when our various meetings are taking place. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend and take an active part.