Local bridleways

There are four existing bridleways in and around Charlesworth and Chisworth. These are:-
1. Between Back Lane and Monks Road. Locally identified as Charlesworth 16.
2. From Broadbottom Bridge (Besthill Bridge), through the old railway sidings to Green Lane, Simmondley. This is part of the long distance Trans Pennine Trail.
3. Between Monks Road and Gun Road, past Robin Hood's Picking Rods. This bridleway forms part of the Pennine Bridleway and is locally numbered as Chisworth 10.
4. Chisworth 19 (which may legally be a Restricted Byway rather than a Bridleway) runs between the hamlets of Boarfold and Stirrup. Stirrup is over the county border, in Stockport.

Two further sections of bridleway are planned. Both are parts of the long distance Pennine Bridleway (website here):-
1. Between Monks Road, as in 3. above, across High Lane and to Green Lane as in 2. above. Work started in January 2013 on the section between Monks Road and High Lane but remains uncompleted to date.
2. From a point in the railway sidings, under Dinting viaduct, to join an existing bridleway at Glossop Road, Gamesley.

The SPEED Group is working on proposals for additional bridleways and links
. These will aim to connect the existing bridleways and give easy access to them whilst avoiding roads.
Read here how Louise and Fiona enjoyed a four day ride of the Kinder Loop, using local accommodation.

Here is a link to the Derbyshire County Council web page for reporting problems with rights of way - in our case, bridleways,  BOATs, RUPPs and all the other acronyms. This is for blockages, barbed wire, missing signposts, broken bridlegates and the like. It is not for claiming a bridleway where there is currently only a footpath.


If you prefer to telephone, you can on 01629 533190.


News of the Awareness Ride which took place on Saturday 9th June 2012

Despite the awful weather there were smiles all round at the SPEED awareness ride on Saturday 9th June.  The ride was well supported by local riders and the NECDH.  Andrea Armitage & Jeanette McMurdo handed over the 1800 petition signatures to Councillor Jean Wharmby from local residents and riders who are in support of the campaign for better bridleway access throughout the area. 

To see (and purchase) more photos, follow this link:-  http://www.flickr.com/photos/69051903@N07/