Incident log



Day / Date / Time  Details
Sunday 1 April 2012 at 1300 A girl of about 15 was riding a pony alone along High Lane and down Town Lane. Within the space of 200 metres and 2 or 3 minutes, she was verbally abused by the occupants of two different vehicles. She was told to get off the road and to get out of their way as she didn't pay road tax. The police are speaking to the owner of one vehicle but the registration of the second vehicle was not recorded. Anyone with information should contact Glossop police, quoting log no. 339 of 01/04/2012.
Easter Sunday 8 April 2012 at 1030 About 10.30am a group of three experienced adult horse riders were going down Town Lane towards the village. All were wearing high viz clothing and all three horses were considered safe in traffic. They were between the two priority signs near the top of the lane when a black Vauxhall Insignia drove up towards them, ignoring the priority sign. The riders had to force their horses into the edge so that the driver could squeeze her car past. The registration was not recorded.
Easter Sunday 8 April 2012 at 1130 The same group were riding along Marple Road (A626) at about 11.30am. They were approaching Benches Lane when they were overtaken at speed by a black Range Rover. The driver made no attempt to slow down and his speed was such that the last horse in line (the first to be overtaken) was spooked and almost hit the vehicle. The registration was noted and has been reported to Derbyshire Police. It is their log number 349 of 16/04/2012.
Saturday 9 June 2012 Whilst the Awareness ride was taking place on Glossop Road (A626) the driver and passenger of a grey Vauxhall Astra estate, both males aged 30's, were being very abusive, threatening and dangerous both to the horse riders taking part (some being young children) and also to the driver of a car following behind the riders with hazard lights on to warn the traffic. The driver had tried to pass the riders by going onto the pavement but was blocked from doing so. He then threatened to ram the horses in their legs with his car and then made 2 attempts to ram our vehicle. He also got out of his car and approached our driver saying he would drag him out of the car and sort him out. As he got no reaction he decided to keep his hand on his horn which could be heard all over Hargate Hill. Luckily no one was injured. The incident, complete with registration number, was reported to the Police - log 458 of 09/06/2012. The driver has been issued with an NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) Section 59 which means any further incidents involving him whether it be in the same car or another he will get the vehicle taken off him for a few days .
Tuesday 10 July 2012 at 0830 A white van was travelling up Town Lane towards Simmondley. As it got to the first junction with Chapel Brow on its right, a car emerged without looking left and hit the side of the van. There was damage to both vehicles.
 Friday 13 July 2012 at 0830
A red Mazda 6 tried to force his way up Town Lane in contravention of the priority signs, forcing downcoming traffic to pull over and stop. The Mazda had to reverse two or three cars lengths to pull into a space. When the leading car, a silver MG TF passed him he delivered a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse which could be heard by residents inside their houses. Both car registrations have been given to Derbyshire police.  Incident no. 202 of 13/07/2012.

 TF Whist riding Botany Lane a horse rider damaged her eye. This was caused by a tree branch which had been placed in the lane so as to deter horse riders from using the route. Police were informed.
 TF Also in Botany Lane two horse riders were accosted by a local male resident. He attempted to stop them riding the lane but after a nasty altercation was ultimately unsuccessful. The police were informed.
 Sunday 10 March 2013 at 1210 A white Transit pick-up forced his way up Town Lane in contravention of the priority signs and caused damage to a parked vehicle. He drove off up Monks Road. His registration number was taken and this, together with video evidence of the whole incident was reported to Derbyshire Police. The driver is being prosecuted for failing to stop / report the incident.
 Sunday 17 March 2013  The female driver of a black BMW drove up Town Lane in contravention of the priority system, forcing downcoming traffic to stop. In squeezing through a gap she seriously damaged her car against the exhaust pipe of a parked Land Rover (which was not damaged). She was in great distress at the time and left her contact details, but has since attempted to put blame on the parked Land Rover's owner (!).
 Tuesday 16 April 2013, pm  On the A626 a female motorcyclist was sadly killed in a crash with another vehicle. The road was closed by police for some hours.
 Tuesday 16 April 2013 at 0900 A schoolgirl aged about 7 crossed Town Lane to go to the school opposite. A downcoming car narrowly avoided hitting her. It did clip her heel and she needed treatment. Police were informed. The car should have been complying with the flashing signs requiring drivers not to exceed 20 mph at that time of the day.